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FHA Mortgage Rate Facts You Should Know

Getting the lowest FHA mortgage rates is often a challenging task for first time home buyers.  The biggest mistake first time home buyers make is assuming that the big banks or lenders care about them and will offer them the best deal.  Everyone in the mortgage business is in the business of making money, and I guarantee that they are not trying to save the manatees. It is up to you, as the home buyer, to know some simple facts that can help you save THOUSANDS when shopping for FHA mortgage rates.

Here are some facts:

Fact #1:  The bigger the bank or lender, the higher the cost of acquisition on a loan, and thus, result in higher interest rates to offset costs.

Solution:  Small/well reputable mortgage brokers are able to offer lower rates due to lower overhead and the fact that they are fixed compensated with access to wholesale rates that retail banks or lenders will not offer you.

Fact #2:  There is not just one FHA mortgage rate option to choose from.  The rates are based on credit scores, and ultimately how much profit the bank or lender wants to yield from your loan.

Solution: The easiest way to explore your options is by contacting a local mortgage broker that will take the time to present you with the various FHA rates available that best fits your needs/goals.  For instance, you have the ability to choose the lowest FHA mortgage rate with closing costs, or slightly higher rate with no closing costs. Depending on your long term or short term goals, liquid assets and whether the home seller is providing you credit to cover closing costs, can play a big factor in which rate option you choose.

FHA Mortgages aren’t “one size fits all”. Everyone’s situation is different.

Simply tell me your scenario, and I will analyze your situation and provide professional advice that could save you thousands.  No obligation free FHA mortgage analysis.