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Adjustable rate mortgages are designed to provide you and your family with the most aggressive introductory rate. These programs are often great for individuals/families that are comfortable with fluctuations in their monthly mortgage payment or plan on staying in their property for a specified duration.

Features of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage

  • Your introductory interest rate is lower than a fixed-rate mortgage.
  • Your rate and monthly principal and interest payments are fixed only for the initial period of 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. The rates then adjust annually or every six months depending on the product.

Benefits of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage

  • Since the introductory mortgage rates are typically lower than a fixed rate mortgage, you have the ability to increase your disposable income by initially paying a lower principal and interest payment.
  • If you are certain that you may only stay in your property for no more than 3 years than it makes sense to take advantage of a 3 year ARM because it provides you with a lower interest rate than a fixed rate mortgage

Considerations of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage

If you keep the mortgage after your introductory period, you risk the possibility of increase in your rate, mortgage principal, and interest payments.

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