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Save money while accelerating your home buying process with the help of a dually licensed real estate and mortgage broker.


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Online results don’t get your offer accepted.

Almost all homes you see online are listed by big companies like Zillow or But have you ever asked yourself why? It's so they can generate leads for OTHER agents and sell your information to the highest bidder.
But who loses in that situation? You.

Because the follow-up can feel like an overwhelming tidal wave of texts, calls and emails. In the middle of dinner. During dance practice. You are passed around from person to person, which costs you endless hours and dollars, not to mention drawing it out until the cows come home.

And even when you DO make an offer on your dream home, there's no guarantee it'll be accepted.

So, what's the good news you might be wondering? There's a better way, and it's the new way to stay - for you, and for the people we've helped.

OLD vs NEW ways of buying a home

Old way

  • Doom scroll for homes that may or may not already be sold for hours late at night online after your kids are asleep
  • Stumble across THE ONE property that you love and already start envisioning yourself living in
  • Get bombarded every 30 minutes by a text, a call and an email as you're getting your kids ready for school and rushing off to work without having eaten breakfast
  • Get pressured into working with someone you've never met before as they convince you to put your biggest transaction of your life on the line
  • Wait around and wonder as crickets sound for other people who you also don't know to get bak to you
  • Guess and overthink every step of the agonizingly long process because no one's guiding you
  • Scour the web and your friend groups for a mortgage broker you hope you can trust
  • Continue the waiting game as the agent you don't know and the broker you hope will fund you supposedly talk and communicate
  • Put it all on the line as you make an offer and hope for the best even though you know hope isn't a strategy

NEW way

  • Sign up today and get pre-approved
  • Be educated on the process
  • Intelligently and efficiently search for homes
  • Save thousands on your interest rate
  • Also save thousands on closing costs
  • Make an informed, strategically positioned offer
  • Close the deal

Save money and speed up your home buying process

Try the new way
Watch how it works

A one-stop shop, not just a door-knocker.

Choosing us as your lender and broker comes with tangible, cost-saving benefits.

Focused on your needs

Our attention is focused on serving YOU, your budget and goals.

Knowledgeable and practical

Crunching the numbers is an extreme sport, and with a dual license, you get the best of both worlds for your budget.

Always at your service

Getting your dream home doesn't always happen within bankers hours, which is why we work to make ourselves available.

Upfront honesty

No broker fees, no exclusive agreement. What you see is what you get.

Mortgage and real estate broker, at your service

As a dually licensed mortgage originator and real estate broker, I can work the numbers so you get the best of both worlds. Since I'm on your side in both corners, I am able to rebate part of my commission to lower your costs or mortgage rate.

The lender or the bank pays me at the backend of the loan -- and you save on being charged a commission as the buyer since the seller pays me. What does this mean for you? Savings - in time, in money, in agony. It really can be that simple.

No application fee
No exclusive buyer’s agreement
No broker fee

Success stories

Erik saved $12,070.29 in closing costs and closed 2x faster

Erik, a qualified US Army veteran wanted to become a home owner. He had excellent credit, but no cash funds available for closing costs. By working together with a dual licensed mortgage and real estate broker, we were able to get him into a $625,000 home with 100% VA financing. We worked it so the seller covered part of his closing costs and, with my rebate, he was able to pick up the keys to his new home with ZERO money out of pocket.

Chelsea saved $11,432.51 in closing costs and closed in 21 days

Chelsea, a qualified first-time homebuyer had saved just enough cash for a down payment for a $350,000 home -- but she didn't have the funds to cover closing costs, which, in her case, was around $10,500. So, we teamed up and with my rebate in commission along with deftly negotiating several seller concessions, we got Chelsea into her new home with just the 3% downpayment she had worked so hard to save on a conventional loan.

Achieve two goals with one broker.

Save thousands of hours and thousands of dollars while working with a local, experienced mortgage and real estate broker. When right hand knows what left hand is doing, no balls in the air are dropped -- and you don't waste your time window shopping for homes that aren't available.


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Tell me a bit about your goals and I’ll contact you to go over your home buying opportunities together.

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