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Video: First-Time Home Buyer Tips

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Buying for your first home is a huge decision and can be confusing for first-time home buyers– but we’re always here to help. Get first-time home buyer tips from our president and WFTV’s Mortgage Expert, Shahram Sondi.

Most first-time home buyers go with an FHA loan but some prefer Conventional loan options, both of which are available with no closing cost options. You may also want to consider checking to see if your county offers a downpayment assistance program.

Most counties offer downpayment assistance programs. Some are continually funded, meaning they never run out of cash, while others are a fixed amount per year that is doled out on a first-come, first-served basis. Here are the downpayment assistance program requirements for some popular Central Florida counties:

Central Florida County Downpayment Assistance Requirements

Additional First-Time Home Buyer Tips